Teaching Young Children Coding

It’s quite crazy to think that some young children can ‘code’ but that’s the way the world is going, and there are not going to be many careers that don’t involve some form of code. There’s a certain method required to succesffully write in a programming language, and young children are picking up the basic skills at a young age, and many programmers have taken a step back to teach children the fundamentals.

Code makes different pieces of software run, and UK schools are starting to see that there is room in the curriculum for coding. Up until now, many programmers had to teach themselves, or undertake a college course, but technology is constantly evolving and so are programming languages. That said the fundamentals remain the same, and we’re likely to see more and more programmers over the next few decades.

Teaching children to code can be very rewarding, and teaching the next generation is only going to improve the technology and the software we use, and it’s great to see young children taking an interest in a subject that’s highly technical.