Supply Work – The Advantages

There’s a lot made of supply work, and it’s often said that students use ‘cover lessons’ as an opportunity to misbehave. That may be the case in some situations, but many supply teachers demand respect, and if you’re comfortable enough to adapt to different environments, work in various schools and teach different children on a daily basis, then it can be a very good career move.

You get a good amount of flexibility when you work as a supply teacher and you can often get the opportunity to accept or turn down shifts, so you work when it suits you. Many teachers have become very successful supply teachers, and in many cases it can lead to permanent positions.

There is always a demand for supply teachers, and if you’re waiting for the perfect permanent role to come along, then this can be a great starting point. There is a wide range of supply teaching agencies to work for, and many can guarantee you a certain number of hours per week.