Subject Knowledge Enhancement Courses in ICT

Trainee teachers about to embark onto teacher training courses as a post-graduate are often asked to complete a subject enhancement course before undertaking a teaching course.

The way ICT is taught in schools has changed frequently over the years with an emphasis now being placed on children learning ICT skills and simple programming from as young as 5. Even for trainee teachers who have a computing A level qualification from 3 or 4 years previously or for those who are looking for a career change and may even have a computer sciences degree, completing a subject enhancement course (SKE) in ICT will help to brush up knowledge which will be needed for teaching.

Participants usually find that the course gives advice on the changes in the ICT curriculum and what is expected at various levels and stages. It also helps course participants to teach more effectively. With knowledge and up to date information, potential teachers feel more confident to embark on teaching ICT in the classroom.

In addition, SKE courses in ICT are fully funded so there are no course fees to pay and some students may find that they are also eligible for additional grants and/or bursaries.