Varying your Teaching Methods to Help your Pupils

Everyone learns differently and this is one of the things that can make teaching an especially challenging job. After all, how do you target one lesson to thirty individuals who all have different interests and learn in different ways? It’s challenging, but it can be done. One of the main things you can do is to give your pupils a choice of activities. For the more academic students, this could involve a writing or analysis task that they can really get stuck into. For more creative, visual students, you may want to offer them the chance to illustrate their work. Make sure you have lots of different resources available in... Read More »

Three Reasons Why Using an iPad in The Classroom May Be A Bad Idea

There are many positive reasons for why you should use an iPad in the classroom. They are a great learning tool but there are also many reasons why using an iPad may be a bad idea. Multiple windows and files can’t be kept open side by side. Although this is definitely a negative if you are trying to multi-task, it may be good for keeping your students focused on the one thing they are supposed to be doing. iPad’s are not like a computer keyboard, which makes it difficult to type longer emails or documents.  I much prefer a real keyboard any day. Syncing your iPad to an Apple wireless... Read More »

The Benefits of Having NVQ Qualifications

Here are some of the key things you need to know about having an NVQ Qualification and how it can benefit you. The opportunity to develop new skills, and accredit their knowledge. Bringing new ideas to the workforce. Whilst earning while they learn. One to one support from an experienced professional. Being highly motivated as the organisation has invested in them and their future. A qualification benchmarked against national performance standards of work-based, on the job learning. An NVQ qualification will help grow the expertise in your business and fill current and future skills gaps, which is currently stunting growth and hampering recruitment of new talent. An estimated 50% of... Read More »

Justine Greening – new Education Secretary

In Theresa May’s first cabinet re-shuffle, Justine Greening, who is MP for Putney in South-west London was appointed as Education Secretary and Minister for Women and Equalities, posts which were previously held by Nicky Morgan. She is one of the few MPs who have been appointed to Cabinet positions to be educated at a non-selective state school, having attended Oakwood Comprehensive School in Rotherham in the early 1980s. Other notable alumni for the school include the former Schools Inspector, now author, Gervase Phinn and James May, one of the 3 presenters on the the BBC’s “Top Gear” programme. After school, Justine Greening read economics at Southampton University and she also... Read More »

Subject Knowledge Enhancement Courses in ICT

Trainee teachers about to embark onto teacher training courses as a post-graduate are often asked to complete a subject enhancement course before undertaking a teaching course. The way ICT is taught in schools has changed frequently over the years with an emphasis now being placed on children learning ICT skills and simple programming from as young as 5. Even for trainee teachers who have a computing A level qualification from 3 or 4 years previously or for those who are looking for a career change and may even have a computer sciences degree, completing a subject enhancement course (SKE) in ICT will help to brush up knowledge which will be... Read More »