What is Raspberry Pi?

You may have heard people refer to this in the context of education, and particularly around the computer sciences or robotics, so what is it? Essentially Raspberry Pi is a firm which produces a range of low cost, single-board and basic computers. These can be purchased for little more than £30, and whilst they won’t set the world alight in terms of functionality or processing power, that isn’t their purpose. Instead, these are basic systems designed to make areas like computer science and robotics much more accessible, and as such have some very solid educational applications, especially in low-income areas. Introduced in 2012, the product has far outstripped it’s expected... Read More »

Three Reasons Why Using an iPad in The Classroom May Be A Bad Idea

There are many positive reasons for why you should use an iPad in the classroom. They are a great learning tool but there are also many reasons why using an iPad may be a bad idea. Multiple windows and files can’t be kept open side by side. Although this is definitely a negative if you are trying to multi-task, it may be good for keeping your students focused on the one thing they are supposed to be doing. iPad’s are not like a computer keyboard, which makes it difficult to type longer emails or documents.  I much prefer a real keyboard any day. Syncing your iPad to an Apple wireless... Read More »

Textbooks – Why They Still Work

There can be good few moans and groans when you say ‘turn to page 45 in your textbook’ but the fact of the matter is they work, and they’re vital in terms of revision. When a subject includes a good amount of theory work, it can be better to find all of the information in one place, and that’s exactly what you get with a textbook. Many teachers now turn to websites instead, but it can see some students become distracted with irrelevant sites, but that’s not the case with a textbook. It’s understandable that different students learn in different ways, and some would rather learn in a more interactive... Read More »

How Technology is Influencing Education in the Developing World

A few decades ago, the gap in technological engagement in the developed, developing, and undeveloped world was a massive barrier to advancement for entire populations. More recently we’ve seen how the creation of cheap handheld devices has opened up the world to technology like never before, with businesses, schools and society in general all benefiting. Technology is useful in a lot of ways, but perhaps the most important to impoverished communities is how readily available information is; this allows individuals and institutions in a underdeveloped country to acquire information on par with what a developed country has at hand, meaning that education and expertise has the potential to reach the... Read More »