The Importance of Reading with Babies and Toddlers

If, as a parent, you are already and always have been, an avid reader, then reading to your child will just be an extension of the pleasure that you gain from reading by sharing books with your child. However, if you can instil a love of books and reading to your child, then you will be helping them hugely with their long journey through school.  Almost everything in school, centres on reading and children, who struggle with reading, will have more difficulty in accessing the curriculum.  They may be good at maths or have a good understanding of scientific principles but many maths questions require reading and deciphering the words... Read More »

Preparing your child for their first day at school

Most children in the UK will start school in the September after their fourth birthday. Some local authorities will also have a January intake for children who are born in the second half of the academic year. However, if you feel that your child is not ready for school, then you are not obliged to send him or her until the term after their fifth birthday. Some parents feel that it is important to teach their child the letters of the alphabet or how to count up to 20 before they begin formal schooling. However, although there is nothing wrong in this, it is more important to instil a love... Read More »

GCSEs – Not the be all and end all

Students are put under a tremendous amount of pressure when it comes to GCSEs, but it’s always important to let them know that it’s not the be all and end all. Okay, so lots of Bs and A*s will open more doors than Cs and Ds, but it doesn’t mean there’s no way to progress if it does go wrong on the day. If a student doesn’t get the grades he or she had hoped for, and they don’t get any offers from universities, they can go through clearing. They could even look at other universities and courses, while there’s always the opportunity to resit GCSEs if their results are... Read More »

How to be Successful During Your NQT Year

Once you’ve trained as a teacher and have gained QTS (qualified teacher status), you will need to complete a year as an NQT, or newly qualified teacher. This year can be highly challenging – it’s your first teaching job, and possibly even your first ever job. If you’re properly prepared and know what to expect, though, this will make it a lot easier. Here are some tips to help your NQT year go smoothly: Be prepared. Putting as much preparation as possible into this year will give you solid foundations to build on in your future teaching career. If you plan good quality lessons now, you can keep reusing them.... Read More »

The Importance of Outdoor Exposure

Classrooms can become dull and predictable at times, and they’re not always inviting for students, especially young children. At lower school, it’s important that children spend more time outdoors because exploring and experiencing the open world can teach a student so much more than a textbook. Why read a story about a journey through the English woodlands in a dull classroom when you can experience it for yourself? That’s the question more teachers should be asking, and rather than the odd one or two school trips per year, children should be taken outdoors more often, even if it is to a local park or nature reserve. Children come from all... Read More »