A levels or BTECs?

If your 16 year old is sitting GCSE exams this Summer, they are probably also considering their next moves for the following 2 years. It’s no longer possible to leave school at 16 and enter the world of work. Students today are expected to stay in some kind of education until they are 18. For some, the prospect of studying 3 academic A Level subjects for a further 2 years, fills them with dread. However, there are alternative options available in the form of BTECs. An 18 unit Level 3 BTEC is considered to be the equivalent of 3 A Levels and therefore is often an alternative valid entry requirement... Read More »

The Homework Debate – Part 2

There should arguable always be a balance between too little and too much homework, and there still needs to be improvements made in UK schools. By setting homework, you can reduce the amount of time spent between students and their family members, yet it can also encourage cheating because it’s quicker and easier. Of course, if there was no homework set at all, a student may spend too much time relaxing and socialising, rather than developing their skills and revising for important exams. It’s also important to make sure students understand the importance of punctuality, because every job will include deadlines, and if they can get to grips with this... Read More »

The Homework Debate – Part 1

Homework is a sensitive subject in schools, not just for students and teachers, but for parents as well. From a teachers’ point of view, homework gives them more information on a student, such as how their performing, where they’re struggling and how much effort their putting into their subjects. From a students’ point of view, homework can ‘pile on the workload’ meaning they lose interest in various subjects and possibly education in general. With there being plenty of different topics, homework from each tutor can at times be too much, and in some schools there is not enough communication between tutors, so the homework diary can quickly be brimming with... Read More »