Becoming a Head Teacher

To become a head teacher, you first need to prove yourself as a teacher, meaning you will need a minimum of five GCSEs including English and Mathematics (plus Science for primary teaching). As a teacher, you need to be pushing for the lead roles like ‘head of year’, ‘head of department’ or ‘head of faculty’. You can then start to push for ‘deputy head’ and so on. To be considered for these roles, you’ll need plenty of classroom experience, excellent organisational skills and leadership qualities. You also need to be knowledgeable about the current urriculum and dedicated to improving standards. It’s not easy to become a head teacher, and there... Read More »

Teaching Young Children Coding

It’s quite crazy to think that some young children can ‘code’ but that’s the way the world is going, and there are not going to be many careers that don’t involve some form of code. There’s a certain method required to succesffully write in a programming language, and young children are picking up the basic skills at a young age, and many programmers have taken a step back to teach children the fundamentals. Code makes different pieces of software run, and UK schools are starting to see that there is room in the curriculum for coding. Up until now, many programmers had to teach themselves, or undertake a college course,... Read More »

Learning About Excel in School

Excel is one of the most important bits of software in the world; used in most businesses to organise data and present it in a comprehensive manner. Therefore, it stands to reason that teaching excel to young children while they’re still in school is invaluable, as they will come to require a deep knowledge of it in later life. Excel is used in everything from managing stock in a business, doing accounting, and analysing market data. It is a valuable tool, with the skill requirements well within the range of a secondary school student’s ability to learn. Of course, learning it is one thing, and teaching people or children about... Read More »

Learning About Technology

In the digital age, one of the most important set of skills people can get is a solid understanding of technology and how to use it. So much of our daily lives now rely upon it, whether we’re children at school or adults in the workplace, or even in social situations, most things rest on technology to one degree or another. Whether you’re old or young, gaining these skills is important. As a recent addition to most country’s curricula, we now see them providing education in technology. This ranges from IT skills to more broad technological studies into how to use Ipad’s and other things they’re likely to encounter in... Read More »