Teaching Assistant Roles and Career Progression

Teaching assistants work closely with teachers to ensure pupils enjoy learning, take the information in and learn and develop important skills. These roles can often be found in primary or lower schools, and they can help the teacher maintain control of the classroom. There’s no doubt about, they’re extremely important in a child’s education and their significance should not be played down. Many driven teaching assistants become teachers over time, and there is usually the opportunity to gain teaching experience when the main tutors are absent. If you’re a teaching assistant and you’re not looking to become a teacher any time soon, there are higher level teaching assistant roles available,... Read More »

Career Opportunities in Teaching

A lot of people go into the world of employment with their opportunities being few and far between, but there is almost always opportunities in teaching for recent graduates to enjoy. Careers in teaching can be found for every area of study, so even if you chose a course at university without much chance of getting a career in that area of expertise afterwards, you can look towards the education sector for a career. Becoming an educator does have some specific requirements; such as receiving training in a real classroom and learning education practices. Becoming a fully certified teacher can take anywhere from 1 to 3 years of additional training... Read More »