Careers in Education

A lot of people are attracted to the teaching profession because they have an enthusiasm for teaching, and feel that they could have a positive impact on other people’s lives. There is a sense of satisfaction that teaching somebody else skills that you know could enable them to go on and achieve incredible things with their future that most other professions simply don’t compare too. That being said, there is also an incredible amount of stress and disappointment as well, so it is incredibly important that would-be teachers look into and experience what it means to be a teacher before they commit to the career.

It is important to remember when discussing education, there isn’t simply a “teacher” – teachers are trained specialists covering a wide range of subjects, with further specialisations based upon age groups too, and this doesn’t even include the massive number of support staff which can be involved in an educational system too. You have teaching aides, tutors, supply teachers, administrators, student councillors, just to name a few. If you reach the conclusion that teaching isn’t the right profession for you, it certainly doesn’t preclude you from finding a valued role within the education sector.

Depending upon the area in which you’re teaching, there will be a number of differences between what the qualification requirements are. In most countries however, a teaching degree is a requirement, which usually takes place over 3 years. This teaching degree will cover general education requirements, and is the basis for a teaching qualification, but it is usually only satisfactory within teaching younger age groups; teaching older age groups like secondary schools, high schools, college and university requires a degree in a speciality, followed by a qualification in teaching, typically for a greatly reduced period, taking it from 3 to 1 year.

After you’ve met your basic teaching qualifications, in order to become a certified teacher you may also need to undergo a probationary period, where you will have an overseer; a senior teacher who can guide you and provide constructive criticism on how you can improve your teaching skills. This period often goes by Teacher Placement, because teachers are placed into a teaching program where they have little choice about which school they can teach at. Once this period is complete they can move around just like any other adult.