The Homework Debate – Part 1

Homework is a sensitive subject in schools, not just for students and teachers, but for parents as well. From a teachers’ point of view, homework gives them more information on a student, such as how their performing, where they’re struggling and how much effort their putting into their subjects. From a students’ point of view, homework can ‘pile on the workload’ meaning they lose interest in various subjects and possibly education in general. With there being plenty of different topics, homework from each tutor can at times be too much, and in some schools there is not enough communication between tutors, so the homework diary can quickly be brimming with... Read More »

Textbooks – Why They Still Work

There can be good few moans and groans when you say ‘turn to page 45 in your textbook’ but the fact of the matter is they work, and they’re vital in terms of revision. When a subject includes a good amount of theory work, it can be better to find all of the information in one place, and that’s exactly what you get with a textbook. Many teachers now turn to websites instead, but it can see some students become distracted with irrelevant sites, but that’s not the case with a textbook. It’s understandable that different students learn in different ways, and some would rather learn in a more interactive... Read More »

Teaching Difficult Students

When you’re teaching large groups of students, say 30 in a class, there’s a chance you’ll have to deal with one difficult and distracting student. Some students will laugh off your attempts to take control in a classroom, while others will ignore you completely, but there are ways to influence a child’s behaviour. You need thick skin as a teacher, and you may have to set the standards early on the get the respect you desire. If you layout the rules clearly from the off, you can deal with any rule breaking quickly and efficiently. Some naughty students need one-on-one mentoring and it’s a good opportunity to find a way... Read More »

Supply Work – The Advantages

There’s a lot made of supply work, and it’s often said that students use ‘cover lessons’ as an opportunity to misbehave. That may be the case in some situations, but many supply teachers demand respect, and if you’re comfortable enough to adapt to different environments, work in various schools and teach different children on a daily basis, then it can be a very good career move. You get a good amount of flexibility when you work as a supply teacher and you can often get the opportunity to accept or turn down shifts, so you work when it suits you. Many teachers have become very successful supply teachers, and in... Read More »

Teaching Assistant Roles and Career Progression

Teaching assistants work closely with teachers to ensure pupils enjoy learning, take the information in and learn and develop important skills. These roles can often be found in primary or lower schools, and they can help the teacher maintain control of the classroom. There’s no doubt about, they’re extremely important in a child’s education and their significance should not be played down. Many driven teaching assistants become teachers over time, and there is usually the opportunity to gain teaching experience when the main tutors are absent. If you’re a teaching assistant and you’re not looking to become a teacher any time soon, there are higher level teaching assistant roles available,... Read More »