About us

Hello and Welcome to Chipeducation.com; a website which is specially made to provide people with greatly needed information on education for both adults and children, ranging in everything from vocational training, to teaching techniques and strategies.

Chip Education has a team made up of qualified teaching staff and training professionals, as well as ex teachers who moved into a career in education recruitment; which gives you an added and valuable perspective on the teaching profession. Many teachers go into the world of teaching with unrealistic expectations and a clear lack of understanding of what many experienced teachers come to learn later in the career – something we hope to help with.

This is not to say that new teachers don’t have something new to bring to the table; often times the most productive years of a teacher’s career, where their enthusiasm often leads them to pioneer new and exciting techniques and technology. We cover a lot of these areas, so that you too, if you’re a teacher, can benefit from them, or if your a parent, so that you can educate yourself on how you can best improve the experiences your child has with the education system.